Carbon Fiber PETG Filament 1.75mm, TINMORRY PETG-CF 3D Printing Filament, Compatible with Bambu Lab FDM 3D Printer, Peacock Green

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  • Recommend printing temperature 240-270, build platform 75℃-90℃; 1st to 3rd layer, turn off cooling fan, If your 3D printer is Bambu P1P or X1, we recommend the nozzle temperature above 250 degrees. 
  • Tip: 1, Dry before Use for the Highest Print Quality. 2, Do not use conventional brass nozzles! As the filament contains real carbon fibres, you have to use wear-resistant steel nozzles (≥ 0.4 mm). BAMBU LAB 3D printers are highly recommended! If your printer is from other brand, please contact us to confirm whether it is compatible with this filament before placing an order.
  • Very easy to print with BAMBU FDM 3D printer, almost no warping. Lightweight and durable, suitable for applications requiring torsional, tensile and impact strength. It is an ideal material for drone parts, racing models, and various functional parts.
  • TINMORRY PETG-CF is a composite material consisting of PETG and carbon fiber. The new formula greatly improved printing quality by reducing nozzle clogging and clumping compared to traditional PETG.
  •  High-Speed Printing: Supports high speed printing, can print 3-5 times faster at a speed of 300mm/s than other brand Petg filament. Perfectly compatible with Bambu FDM 3d Printer and AMS.

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