Marble PLA Filament 1.75mm, TINMORRY 3D Printer Filament with Cardboard Reel, 1 kg 1 Spool

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About this item

  • Marble PLA is typically regular PLA mixed with fine marble powder, brings a realistic marble visual effect to 3D printed parts.
  • Print Temperature: 190-220℃. Diameter 1.75mm (tolerance ±0.03mm)
  • It can be used with general 1.75mm diameter FDM 3D printers. The high precision of the filament diameter ensures stable feeding without nozzle clogging and warp-free production. Safe to use indoors as no harmful gases are produced
  • Tangle-free filament with less stringing and warping, less shrinkage, better layer adhesion, fewer jams and defects, smooth continuous printing and a smoother finish
  • This marble PLA isn’t that abrasive of a filament, so no worry to the fast nozzle degradation