Carbon Fiber PET Filament 1.75mm, TINMORRY PET-CF 3D Printing Filament with Exceptional Thermal Resistance and Mechanical Properties, Compatible with BAMBU LAB FDM 3D Printers, 1 KG 1 Spool, Black

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  • Printing Settings: 1. For better printing quality, please dry it before use and keep it sealed after use. Printing and Keeping Container's Humidity < 20% RH (Sealed,with Desiccant) 2. Nozzle Temperature:260-290℃, Bed Temperature:90-100℃, Print Speed: <100mm/s.
  • Superior Mechanical Properties: TINMORRY PET-CF 3D printing filament is further strengthened by the addition of chopped carbon fibres, which improves the overall rigidity, stiffness and wear resistance of the material. Making it a professional-grade engineering material suitable for use in more complex and demanding environments.
  • Tips:1.To prevent the material from absorbing moisture, it is recommended to use an airtight storage container with desiccant during printing. 2.Please use wear-resistant steel nozzles(0.6 mm recommended, 0.4mm Capable) instead of ordinary brass nozzles. 3.Enclosed printer (Recommended),Open frame printer (Capable)
  • Exceptional Thermal Resistance:Compared to PETG-CF filament,PET-CF filament has a higher thermal resistance, which can withstand temperatures up to 205˚C. TINMORRY PET-CF filament can withstand higher temperatures without deformation.
  • High Dimensional Stability: The inclusion of carbon fibers reduces the warping of PET during the printing process. At the same time, models printed with PET-CF have a high degree of dimensional accuracy due to the creep and warp resistant properties of PET-CF.