Carbon Fiber PLA Filament 1.75mm, TINMORRY PLA-CF 3D Printing Filament, Compatible with Bambu Lab FDM 3D Printer, 1 KG 1 Spool, Carbon Blue

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  • Superior Mechanical Properties: Containing chopped carbon fiber,TINMORRY PLA-CF filament 1.75mm is stronger and stiffer than ordinary PLA, making it more suitable for printing general engineering parts or models requiring impact strength.
  • Unique Texture & Matte Finish: Effectively hides the layer lines, our PLA-CF 3d printing filament gives the prints a smoother and higher quality appearance. With matte printing surface, it is the ideal filament for printing models with matte appearance.
  • Dimensional Stability & Easy support removal: Compared to traditional PLA, PLA-CF filament shrinks less and does not warp, allowing for a perfect fit between printed models.TINMORRY carbon fiber 3d printer filament is designed to support itself.It is easier to remove than regular PLA filament,while maintaining a smooth support surface.
  • Printing Settings: 1.For better printing quality, please dry it before printing and keep it sealed after use. 2. Please use wear-resistant steel nozzles(≥0.4 mm) instead of ordinary brass nozzles. 3. Print Temperature:220-250℃ , Bed Temperature:40-60℃ , Print Speed: 30-300mm/s.
  • High-speed Printing: TINMORRY PLA-CF filament is as easy to print as regular PLA. Compared to other brands of PLA-CF filament, it can print 3-5 times faster at a speed of 300mm/s. At high printing speeds, it prints smoothly and stably without clogging.Perfectly compatible with all Bambu closed and open 3D printers, as well as most FDM 3D printers on the market.